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Greatest Football Players of All Time

Most football fans have probably been thinking about who is the greatest football player in the history of this great sport. It’s not that you want to know which player has been the best at hitting home runs or which one has been the best at throwing out baserunners, but it is more important to know who are the most popular players in this great game.

The list of sports stars that have been compiled over the years is amazing. Just recently, when I was looking through a list of celebrities on the Internet I was amazed by how many sports stars that were on there that were still alive today. While some people might just consider the top ten list to be the most famous ones, others would look into other lists that might show even better names on it.

The best football players of all time can be found on some different lists. Some lists would be made by various organizations to name the best players that have ever played the sport. Other lists will be made by professional football players themselves, and they might even name other players that they consider the best that they have ever seen play. Then, of course, you have the lists that are compiled by fans of the sport of football. They will not only mention the greatest players in the history of this great sport, but they will also mention some of the great players that they have followed to the end of their career.

Of course, with this many football players on the lists, you might start wondering why someone would want to make one. There are many reasons why. There might be some people that do not want to look too far ahead to the future and want to see the player that is going to win one award or another when they get to that point. Other people might even think about this list as something that they need to prove themselves in the World of Sport and want to prove their athletic ability by beating up on some of the best players that ever played the sport.

The truth of the matter is, the list of the greatest football players should never be reduced to just those that have been around for a long period. The list of all-time great football players will always be great and will be even greater than before long. if the player has an interesting story to tell or some kind of outstanding skill that people need to watch out for.

So, whether you are a fan of the Superbowl champion that hit the game-winner in Super Bowl XI or the football player that ran the fastest mile ever in the NFL, remember that there are many names on the lists that are still on the lists that are considered great today. As long as they still have that edge that made them great in the first place, no matter what the list of the greatest football players might be, they still deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame.